Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Lizzy,

(Miss Lizzy rockin' my purse while walking with my hubby after dinner out)

Oh little girl, we have come a LONG way. But, yesterday was still one of those days. You screamed, I yelled, You acted crazy...I wanted to get away from you. You probably wanted to get away from me too.

So, you foster daddy and I had a talk. He reminded me of all the reasons that, at least for right now, we are what is best for you. He said, "This, all the time of her being with us, has been the hardest time of her life."

Oh how right he is. And then he spoke like a daddy who loves his girl enough to put up with ANYTHING she dishes out...because of love.

You are anything but easy little girl, but you are loved. If God sees fit, you WILL have a chance at a better life. You WILL grow up in a loving environment. You WILL have every chance to get to know about the God that moved mountains to bring you out of where you were and put you where you are.

Perfect Love has no fear little girl, and you have a daddy that is dishing it out right now. I am hoping to follow suit.




Carol said...

I hear you! Now for just a bit of grandmotherly insight - Lizzy had a visit to which the not loved dad showed up for right? (I almost said hated, but the much loved little girl probably doesn't know the meaning of that word). Visits wreck havoc on these little lives. Visits are not a safe calmingly loving environment to these hurting little ones. They cause damage in these kinds of situations. I personally think that you will find that when these visits stop your little Lizzy and her day in day out mama will be different people. Life will take on a new calmer feeling.

Having said those things which I fully believe, there are cases where these damaging visits can have lifelong effects and may require a different approach to parenting, different but very rewarding.

I am thankful for little Lizzy that you have been along side her during this very troubling time in her life. I hope you know that you were chosen to be Lizzy's mommy every bit as much as Lizzy was chosen to live a life other than the one she was born into.

Thank you for what you have done for this special little girl.

MamaFoster said...

thank you carol, it is always nice to hear from people who are now on the OTHER side of this which I have yet to experience.

and yes, the visit was monday and it can always be counted on to make her crazy. :/

CherubMamma said...

Sounds like you've got a great Mr. in your house!

I also second what Carol said for sure. Those visits wreck havoc!!

Debbie said...

Sweet Lizzy. I often comment that parenting my daughter is both a joy and a challenge. I'm guessing that fits parenting Lizzy as well.

What a great daddy she has pouring the love on her. So interesting to think about her time with you as the hardest of her life, but he is right. Praying that next hearing is a productive one for Lizzy's sake.

Tammy said...

I was going to bring up the visit too. I had little ones that had bad behaviors after visits. Your husband is a wise man. That is what team work is all about. You can have a bad day and he is there to put it together and then when he has a bad day you can help put it together. God has her were he knows she needs to be right now. Love never fails. Lifting your family up.

Andrew and Esther said...

I could've written this last summer about either of the twins. Love to hear you be honest about your exhaustion, and that your hubby is helping you through this.

T said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing.