Monday, October 3, 2011


I shouldn't act so negative. But, maybe after this post I will try harder.

I am about to wake Lizzy up in the middle of her nap to take her to her visit with legal dad because he said he is going to come. I hate having to wake her up to take her. I hate these visits. I just do.

Anyway, on the bright side, I am going to run to the grocery store with no kids! whoo hoo! I do like that part.

If he doesn't show up I will be even madder. Apparently no matter what he does I am going to be mad lol...


Debbie said...

Totally understandable. Hope it goes okay.

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

That always drives me nuts that no one takes into account the kids' schedules when they schedule visits. When caseworkers have changed visits for some of my kids that fall smack in the middle of naptime, I just tell them afterwards "Well, OF COURSE little Timmy was fussy and miserable the whole time. He's normally SLEEPING!!!" Part of me doesn't mind so much that they're so fussy the visit is miserable when the parents are crazy, but it's the TWO DAYS afterwards trying to get them back on schedule that makes me mad. I told one caseworker who was NOTORIOUS for inconvenient visit times that I was going to let HER take Booger home the next time she scheduled one of those visits. She started asking me after that. :-)

Heather said...

I am so grateful to have an awesome caseworker.. I tell her if it conflicts with kids schedules and she changes it! Tell the caseworker you are to busy washing your hair at that time and you need to change the time to a specific time that works for you and your schedule, if all else fails then throw a fit, it seems to work for bios.

Mie said...

"If all else fails then throw a fit, it seems to work for bios"

ROFL! That's a good one. I will say I'm much less patient and accomodating with case-people now than when I started.

Mama P said...

I wish I could say I was much less accomodating, Mie, but I still cater. I just don't want to rock the boat, especially now that we have our two boys to wait on.

Mama, I would be mad too. God never said don't be mad...He just said be angry and sin not. You didn't punch Legal Dad in the face did you? If not, then you're all good. ;)

Can't wait to hear how the visit went.