Monday, October 10, 2011


uggghhh. I just went through my entire blog(s) from start to finish. i started at when i first got Lizzy until current posts, such as this one.

i am putting together a time line for the social worker to use while writing her petition for termination.

after seeing ALL of what has happened in black and white i cannot figure out why we still do this.

so much heart ache. so much sadness. so many kids getting hurt.

seeing Kellen go.

seeing Sabrina go.

seeing Lizzy put through MONTHS of torturous visits.

seeing my little girls suddenly have to leave.

i didn't get all teared up or anything. quite frankly i was just pretty disgusted.


anyway, if you have been a long time reader and you have been through a termination trial i am wondering if any part of Lizzy's story has stood out to you as something that YOUR judge would have cared about? let me know if you think of anything.

-Mama Foster

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