Thursday, October 13, 2011


When I called mom back to give her my speech about not being able to set up visits for her with just me and Lizzy I got her voicemail.

I am not sure I have ever been so happy to have someone's voicemail pick up.

We'll see what she says, I am sure she will give me a whole speech about how no one will ever find out and it will be fine. And then I will give her a speech about how Lizzy tells everyone everything and if she thinks I am going to do anything to get myself in trouble...well, I won't be.

Fun times!

Mom called me back and said she hadn't listened to my message. So I told her it all over again. She acted like it was no big deal, she understood and had already called the worker to set up a visit for her normal time.

Crazy Pants.


Debbie said...

Good grief! All that and she already called her worker. Sigh!

Bobbie said...

glad she wasnt mad or a jerk to you, but geez--how bipolar of her.