Thursday, October 20, 2011


We got our licensed renewed today.

While the worker was here Lizzy acted like the most terrible child you have ever seen.

I mentioned to the worker that I remember her being terrible last year while she was here and the worker remembered too.

I don't know why she does this.

Today she finally made me want to cry.


kate said...

My guess is fear. Or a trauma-versary.

It still doesn't make it easy. Hang in there.

:)De said...

My kids are always trippy when the worker comes because they are reminded of the "worker" taking them from home. So I always remind them that they are staying here and are safe.

Bobbie said...

i agree-- i think she was scared she was going to be taken away. Poor little thing--and she was so darn happy this morning!

CherubMamma said...

My little ones can tell the difference between a worker and just a friend any day of the week. Even if all we're doing is having a simple conversation. (Since I've got two separate cases - I've got different workers for each group. We've got workers coming that had nothing to do with their removal. But they can tell!)

Sorry Lizzy freaked out so bad. Especially since it was already a difficult day.

Praying peace for you!!

Mama P said...

I was hoping that "Renewed" meant you were coming back to say you had such an amazing day that you were fartin rainbows and butterflies! Sorry that "renewed" just meant one more stress for you. :(

I hope tomorrow brings a better day.

Daphne said...

Maybe she feels, that they may take her away?? Not sure if that is a worker that removed her from her home or was present, and maybe she associates that person with removal?

Stacey said...

Oh good grief Momma P...that's too funny! Farting butterflies and rainbows! Ha!

Tears aren't bad...especially if they drain your stress! Cry away! =)