Thursday, October 27, 2011


When ever I tell my sister "So and so called me and said *insert some crazy story from someone that is related to any of my foster kids* she always says "Why do you answer their phone calls?!?!" :)

Maybe when you guys read my posts you think the same thing. :)

At least the phone calls are a little "entertaining"...

Anyway, Sabrina's mom's friend who calls CPS on her all the time called me a few minutes ago.

"I called CPS on Sabrina's mom again. I went to her house and knocked on the door and Sabrina answered. It looked like no one was home and when I asked her where her mom was she said she was in her bedroom sleeping-which she was"

"Sabrina's mom was at my house last night and was talking to herself, she was almost in a psychotic state and was acting like talking to herself was completely normal. She isn't taking her bi-polar medicine"

(I know, I know, if Sabrina's mom is such a horrible person why would this "friend" let her in her house? I want to ask her that all the time.)

They actually went quite a while without speaking after the last time she called CPS on her. CPS went out to the house (didn't find anything too upsetting), but Sabrina's mom told her friend that CPS had taken Sabrina. Her friend called me up and told me "She said CPS took her!" which they had not.

She also told me tonight, "You know those books you made her full of pictures of you guys with her? I was in her room with her and she held one of those books up and said "I loved it in foster care, but I like it hear too". Um, I can't hear a 4 year old wording a sentence like that.

She (the friend) is always trying to get me to call CPS on Sabrina's mom. I have NEVER called CPS on her...because I have no proof.

Apparently Sabrina's mom sits around talking about me though because her friend told me "So I hear you pregnant..."

Glad to hear I am part of their conversation. :p


Carol said...

Drama queen!

Bobbie said...

ugh--I wouldn't want any of those crazy people talking about me. especially about being pregnant. obviously it means nothing, but ugh... i wouldn't like that.

Mama P said...

Aww, they're so sweet. They love you.

@@<--rolling eyes

(PS: I answer the phone and texts too. It makes my life more like a soap opera and it's kind of fun. LOL)