Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok, fess up.

Who is stuffing shoe boxes this week?

We are.

I went to Walmart today and walked through the aisles of Christmas stuff.  I haven't had it in me to decorate for any holidays thus far.  I love Halloween and I didn't do anything decorating wise.  I know that it is because I am sad...but anyway, that is off the topic.

I was at Walmart and in 4 double sided aisles of Christmas stuff I found ONE junkie nativity set.  There was no Jesus in these aisles and I got very very sad.

Christmas is about CHRIST, and as I looked at all the glittery junk I was, for the first time, overwhelmingly sad to see that Christmas is no longer about Jesus, it is about penguins, snowmen, disney characters with santa hats on and sparkly junk.

I usually love all that sparkly junk.

Today it just made me sad...so I am stuffing shoe boxes.  

Are you?

If you have no idea what I am talking about read about it here:



The Momma said...

we do every year, this year we did it for some family friends that are missionaries in South Africa, same concept, different organization... I love doing it witht the kiddos and teaching them about giving and praying for other people!!

Shay said...

We do shoeboxes, but give them to our church & they hand them out to the families here.
It is very sad that Christmas is not about Christ anymore. I'm surprised they even call it Christmas anymore because it has the word Christ in it! :/

Kylee said...

We've done shoeboxes for many years, but this year our church is doing our own thing and sending shoe boxes to a very poor part of the U.S. that many of our members visited this summer. We're using the same idea of Samaraitan's Purse, but are doing it indepedently so we can reach this specific people group!

Kelli said...

I thought the school deadline was Oct 25 so ours were done and turned in then. For once I was early with something :) This is our first of many years, it was awesome explaining the idea to the kids and letting them shop for the boxes and seeing someone elses need. It is sad that Christmas has taken such a turn, but we still celebrate the birth of Jesus and will never stop!

FootPrints said...

WE ARE! WE ARE! our deadline is sunday!

Crayon said...

I have 10 shoeboxes stacked up in my living room, ready to go. Well, except for the bags of candy. I kept that out so the soap doesn't smell them up...but I have NO IDEA how they will fit. As usual, I overstuffed.

beckyww said...

Stumbled on your blog. We're shoebox people, too. http://thisreminds.me/2010/11/07/one-three-zero/