Friday, November 5, 2010


Lizzy's worker that I had the problems with called me today and wanted to schedule a visit with dad for this Monday because he can't make it on Wednesday.  You know, because the last one went so well.

She did say that she has to do it for right now but is "working with the lawyer on it".

What she means by that could be anything.

Will you guys please pray for something?  Will you pray that the DHS worker will be able to make it to the visit?  I called him immediately to tell him when it is scheduled for because he asked me to and he is going to try to come.  He told me to call him Monday morning to remind him.

Please pray he will come, that way I will know that we ALL did everything we could and whatever happens from there I will just have to deal with...and so will Lizzy.

She really needs your help...


Heather said...

Absolutely praying!

Me and Jesus said...

Praying hard for her and you!!! I always remind myself that God loves our kiddoes more then we do! He is in that visit with her. Sometimes the journey is killer but God is still in it. (((( HUGS)))

I had a little boy who was taken screaming and kicking, from me, begging "momma, dont let them take me". I had to stand back and let him go. He went to live with his dad who he was terrified of. I had to trust that God was taking care of him.

MamaFoster said...

Dear Me and Jesus,

I truly cannot imagine, only in the little bit I have seem can I relate.

It sounds like you are building a wonderful family and I would love to get to know you :)

Mrs. Bird said...

Praying for Lizzy, you, and everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! I will absolutely keep you guys in my prayers.