Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have a lot to be thankful for.

Many things have happened this year that I did not like, that I did not like walking through and that I didn't feel very thankful for.

But, I am learning and growing and working on contentment.

And I am thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am blessed to know you all.


Kylee said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! So glad to have "met" you in blogland this year!

Rebecca said...

I totally hear what you're saying. I'm still learning (trying to learn) what it looks like to be thankful to God & trust Him in circumstances when it seems like He let evil triumph.

I am thankful for people like you to walk this journey with me!!!

Heather said...

You are wrong...we are blessed to know you!

Glenda said...

Happy Thanksgiving

mamamargie said...

Have been richly blessed by your blog! Thank you for all you are doing for the littlest members of God's kingdom. Have a blessed day!