Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So, apparently Lizzy has decided to hate everyone but me.

She had her visit with legal dad Monday, so today, Wednesday, she had her visit with her mom.  She was fine hanging out with me, her mom and bio dad in the waiting room and then the worker walked in and she FREAKED OUT.  She ran from where she was, screaming, and hid behind me and no one could console her until the worker stepped out of the room.

I guess she remembered the worker dragging her into the last two visits with dad.

Well, on top of showing her distaste for the worker, she has decided to be horrible to her mom in the visits as well.  She has been very nasty from what I hear.  Mom said she put her in time out during the visit.  I just giggled and said "Good for you, that is what I would have done too."

Lizzy does think that her crazy behavior gets her whatever she wants.  I don't put up with it so she obeys me 50% of the time which is 50% more of the time than she did when she got here.

She also has gotten to where she kicks when you pick her up and if she does not want you to pick her up she will try to kick you pretty hard.  She doesn't do it to me, but I have seen her do it a few times to other people when I am around.

I can't exactly ask them to cancel her visits with legal dad when she is pulling the same stuff with mom now too.  I am sure it is partly just her age and partly because I am her person right now and she does NOT like being away from me.

You gotta love kids, what strong spirits they can have, and foster kids, well, they need those strong spirits-trust me.

I had such a good laugh over Lizzy screaming at the worker today.  

Go get 'em little girl.


Kylee said...

This made me smile. That strong-willed temper is Lizzy's way of speaking out for herself. Good for her!

Crayon said...

LOL, that made me smile too! I was thinking of you on the way into work this morning as "Praise You In This Storm" played on the radio...

Diane said...

Good for Lizzy. If this keeps up and Lizzy is good with mom until the worker shows up, you have a good case to request a different worker, as this one is detrimental to Lizzy's interests.

MamaFoster said...

interesting point diane...glad you mentioned that.

Kelli said...

Lizzy gives you a run, doesn't she? I can see your face when I read how she is acting. It shall pass......eventually!

Anonymous said...

yes, she does :)

-mama foster

Heather said...

Go Lizzy!