Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last year on the day before Halloween I got the call for Kellen.  We got home in time to have dinner and get the kids into bed.  Our first full day with Kellen was Halloween.  This year Kellen celebrated Halloween with HIS family.  He dressed up as a dragon and did everything a normal kid gets to do.  God is good, isn't he?

This year it was just the four of us.  It did feel like people were missing, a certain little girl was heavy on my mind, but, time marches on.

When it was time to carve pumpkins we were surprised to find out Lizzy was TERRIFIED of pumpkin guts and carved pumpkins.  It was hilarious.

This is Lizzy under the table hiding from the pumpkin guts- too hilarious.  By the end of the night she wasn't scared of the carved pumpkins any more.

We took the kids out Trick-or-Treating.  We had a great time.

Lizzy would do a candy dance every time she said "trick-or-treat" once she found out people would hand her candy.  She was a hit at the trunk or treat, nothing like a cute little kitty cat dancing for candy.  I wish I could show you her cute face.

And that was Halloween.


FootPrints said...

SO SO FUN. glad you all had a great evening!

Mrs. Bird said...

Looks like fun! I *almost* didn't do Halloween this year...I'm SO glad I did. The "twins" had a blast!!! Last year we went but B was still not that into it...

the johnson crew said...

what a scary mask. and what a dolly lizzy is... glad she got over the pumpkin. ;)