Friday, November 19, 2010


Lizzy is eating a few chocolate chips and is watching retro sesame street episodes.

I have been on the phone talking to both sides of the family about Thanksgiving plans, working on a last minute "urgent" work related project, thinking about how I agree to help at a youth group thing tonight when I don't really have time to - but kinda want to, and have been debating on when to call Sabrina's mom and chat with her about the medial insurance info I just received in the mail from the state we live in.  I wish our state would catch themselves up on where Sabrina is living...they did put her there you know.

Anyway - in the midst of all of that I came across this:

And my heart said, yes, this describes it.  That is where I am...praising God with my "cold and broken Hallelujah".

It won't always be this way.  Just for now.


Carol said...

Funny you should have received a letter from the state health insurance plan for a child that they should know has moved.

In today's mail we had 2 letters from said people assigning the 2 foster kids in our home automatically to a plan. The case worker had called them to select the plan my daughter, the foster mom, had selected. They told her that even though it said in the directions that the case worker had to call selecting a plan, that it was really a foster parent that should have called. SO foster mom called. She was told that she couldn't provide them with her selection that the case worker had to do that and that they had no record of the CW ever calling. Yah, you heard that right.

Case worker called them again and couldn't get through. Then today comes the letters putting these kids automatically (because no one had called them to make a selection) into two different, different I said, plans.

Is this system broken?

MamaFoster said...

we had the same thing, i called the worker, selected the plan...and now they send me paperwork telling me "since i didn't select a plan they selected on for me" - and of course it isn't the one my doctor takes :/

Mrs. Bird said...

UGH! That just happened to me, too!!! Crazy! So, this is probably my favorite song ever. Have you heard Kate Voegele's version of it?