Sunday, June 12, 2011


It all started with her texting me this picture with the caption "me and sabrina":

Then I texted her back...and it goes from there:

Gosh has she grown. U guys look like ur enjoying the weather. Thanks for the pic. Love seeing u guys so happy together.

Thanks... How have u guys been??

We are good. Just driving home from up north. Super busy as always. U guys enjoying the summer so far?

Yea...Its about time i didn't think we would ever get the warm weather...hows *insert my son's name here* doing??

He is good...hes getting really tall. He turned 9 on May 30th. How was Sabrina's birthday?

It was awesome alot of people came she had a blast. she got alot of gifts and a new was really nice.

Good. I bet she loved it.

She did...she keeps asking about u every now and then.

(you will have to insert a huge lump in my throat here and then picture me mustering up the courage to type the next text and hit send)

I think about you guys too. if u ever want to get the kids together i would be happy to make a date with u. I think it would be fun to get them together.

yea it would be fun...and i know sabrina would love it.

Wanna do something this week? I could pick u guys up and we could do something out by u

Uh what day do you have in mind?

Any day but Monday. do u have thursday open?

Yea as far as i know i do unless some thing comes up

Is there a park or beach by u we could take the kids to play at that day?

Yea i got a park right next door and a beach isn't too far from me....

What time is usually good for u on thursdays?

Any thing after 10 am

Wanna plan on me picking u guys up thursday at 10:30 am if the weather is ok and we'll take the kids where ever u want and we'll hang out & have lunch & then ill take u guys back home?

yea sounds good...i should be paid by thursday if not it will be friday...but im pretty sure thursday

ok, but lunch is on me lol text me if something comes up and thursday wont work. and text me ur address again...i have it somewhere but i would have to dig for it

ok lol sounds good *insert their address here*

ok. hopefully thursday works out and ill see you then.


(after this you will have to imagine the 5 million thoughts I had running through my head as I try to pretend like I believe this is even going to happen BUT I think God is totally capable of changing Sabrina's mom's heart and to some how build something good from the ashes of this situation. He knows what He is doing and I am going to just trust HIM either way.)


the johnson crew said...

i really hope you get to see her. i know you love her so much. i'm praying about it.

Diane said...

So glad she reached out to you! Here's hoping Thursday is the start of something wonderful.

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

Oh wow! I know how scary it is to get your hopes up. Been there, done that when I first had contact with Booger Bear's daddy after six months of thinking that I would never see my baby boy again... Now, nine months later, you have seen what our relationship has evolved into. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! It's a good sign that Sabrina's mom has reached out at all. Praying that Thursday happens and that it is the start of a relationship that will continue for years to come...

ashley said...

:-) Even if Thursday doesn't happen...a picture speaks a thousand words...I'm happy she sent that to you, and that you all had such a great conversation!

Beck G. said...

Oh, so know that apprehensive feeling! And I so hope you get to see her, for your sake, for Sabrina's sake and even for her mom's sake.


La Mama Loca said...

Oh I so pray it happens!!! It is hard...really hard to see them and know things are different from how they would be with you. But despite that pain, it is worth every ounce to just SEE them again!

Heather said...

Praying you get to see that sweet girl!

Rebecca said...

Praying mom does not flake out and that you get to see her!!! If I were you, I would leave Lizzy with a babysitter so that you and K. can focus your attention on Sabrina fully without the chaos and extra toddler would bring. Just a thought :)

Rebekah said...

God is never quite finished with us, he?

CherubMamma said...

aacckk -- I missed this post Sunday night. I'll be praying for you for sure this week. I hope that tomorrow is a great day and that you get to see Sabrina!