Friday, June 24, 2011


Over at Tammy asked her panel of foster moms (which I am on) "What do you wish you would have known about foster care".

Honestly, I wish I would have known that you could wake up one day and have no idea that by the end of the day a child you have cared for for MONTHS could be living some where else.

I wish I would have known that if you could get the DHS worker and the GAL mad enough at the agency that has the child's case they would opt to send the child home instead of deal with the agency anymore.

I wish I would have known that my agency is not a very good one.

Regardless, Lizzy mom has a court date this morning at 11 am. I am honestly hoping they decide to let her return to mom today after court. I would prefer to just get this over with. I'll let you know what happens.


Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

I'm thinking this might be the IDEAL time to find a new agency! I waited until I was between placements and switched, and it was the BEST DECISION EVER.

Praying that Lizzy's move home goes smoothly and that you all have a little bit of time to decompress and regroup (and change agencies ;-) before your next little loves/monsters arrive.

MamaFoster said...

trust me, the new agency thing is *almost* on the to do list. it just depends on how much work it would be to change.

Debbie said...


Cindy said...

I have been thinking for some time about fostering, but now waiting until my son is a little older and things calm down before we bring chaos into our home. But I am curious as to how to choose an agency. I have read a lot about people hating the agency they are with and I'm sure none are perfect but how should I go about choosing one when that time comes?