Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Being a citizen of this little hidden world of foster care is hard. It is hard for us, and even harder for our kids.

Lizzy's case has the potential to fall apart. Bio dad is over it, mom just found out she has 3 warrants...and as I stated before, they are leaning towards signing mom's rights over to me. I am not sure that I would let them do that, but I am not as sure I wouldn't as I thought I was.

Our kids need so much help, help that the legal system can not provide. Help that they won't allow us to give them. They need a savior to step in and save them.

I don't know anyone that can be that for them, but I do know how much God loves these kids. I think that our general lack of concern for these kids as a whole (the population in general) is a huge hinderance to what God wants to happen with our kids. I don't think God wants people to loose their kids all the time, I think HE wants to heal family AND build families who wouldn't have children of their own. I think He uses foster care to save children AND to restore hope to families when they can be returned.

I think our kids and their families need people who are willing to plead on their behalf, and that is what I want to do today. If you have a foster child, or a foster child that went home to their bio family, and you would like all of us to pray for them, their case, their family, for decisions being made, for the judge in the case, or anything please leave a comment in the comments and lets all pray for these kids together.

We need to see God move so desperately.


MamaFoster said...

My prayer requests are for the safety of Sabrina, Tina and the baby and for God to do a miracle in healing their bio moms.

And for Kellen, that he would attach to his family who adopted him. That he would start to feel safe enough to start healing, and that the family would see hope in this situation-and love him to pieces.

Carrie said...

I am asking the Lord for strength and peace as the twins that we have had for 13 months go to live with a grandmother they do not know in the next month or so. Also, that the Lord would bring someone into their life down the road that would share with them the salvation that is found in Christ alone.

CherubMamma said...

I could go on and on with all the prayers I have. My heart is so burdened for the foster care system.

Right now I pray a lot for Pumpkin. I pray that someone steps in to her mom's life to help her FULLY understand what it's going to mean to parent Pumpkin for the rest of Pumpkin's life. It's hard to hear that Pumpkin can NEVER be left alone. Obviously not when she's five. But Pumpkin won't be able to care for herself when she's 16 either.

I also pray that the judge has wisdom over it all and can see the special needs issues for what they are.

Pipsylou said...

Baby Man - God's best for him. Not my desires, but God's best. I pray for that all the time.

Ginger Perry said...

For I, S, and M, that God's will be done in their case. I do pray that they find a place that they can call "home" and where they can be secure to be themselves and just play like "normal" kids. I pray that they forget all the bad behaviors that they have been taught over the years and learn new Godly behaviors. I pray that the judge makes a decision quickly since they have already been in care for a year and a half. I also pray for their mom, that she will break her addictions and turn her life over to God.

I also pray for D as he has been returned to his parents, that someone will show him and his parents the way to God as he gets older.

Beck G. said...

For my sweet Aidan, that he will learn to love his new family, after almost 4 years. That he will have a good Christian influence to introduce him to Jesus sometime when he is older, and that he will never feel like we abandoned him.

For Rollie, that he will be happy in his new home and feel loved. And for Patty, that she won't feel like we abandoned her brother.

And for all the kids in the system who feel like they are unloved and not special. That a special person would come in their lives and make a difference.

the johnson crew said...

Praying for them all.