Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The lawyer called me and said that he told the social worker NOT to move her before they can discuss it in court on Friday. He said he WILL talk to her before the meeting tomorrow morning (and if he can't get ahold of her he will be talking to her supervisor) and will be making it very clear that he is totally against this.

He is open to discussing this in court where all the cards can be laid on the table for this "very young" and "new" social worker so she can see the whole picture. He is pretty fired up.

He and I decided that I am "not going to be able to make it" to the PPC meeting tomorrow, but will offer to participate by phone and if they still decide to move her against his wishes tomorrow then I will plan a time for them to come get her tomorrow after the meeting. I plan on telling them that I will not be available until after 2 pm.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Diane said...

Oh, the drama of the system! Feeling for you... Hope all goes well tomorrow.

mamamargie said...

What a rollercoaster!

:)De said...

what does PPC stand for?

MamaFoster said...

well, it is a meeting where they talk about the goals of the case basically and they seem to use this as the times to place kids in homes where I live

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Praying for Gods will to be set forth in Lizzies life.