Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So many times we foster moms wonder if after the kids leave they remember us or any of the good that we tried to do in their lives.

The day after Tina & the baby left my sister posted this video on my facebook page.

"Background: The 2 guys raised him for a year when he was a cub. they, with the help of George (shirtless man) were able to release him back into the wild. This is a year after he was released and the 2 guys went to kenya to visit him. George kept tabs on where he and his pride were."

I think if a lion can remember some part of our kids can too.


Debbie said...

Brought tears to my eyes and I haven't even loved a foster child and sent them back yet.

the johnson crew said...

anna was 12 months when we lost her. we went 3 months later to visit her out of state at the relatives home. she just stared at me for a few minutes trying to figure me out. then she smiled, screamed "MAMA" and started open mouth kissing me all over my face. it broke my heart to say goodbye to them that night. 8 months later when we got them all back anna reattached very quickly. she is still my little shadow.

those girls will never forget you and the love you filled them with.

praying for you.

spng7 said...

I believe God leaves your impression on everyone you touch in this life. Even if they can't remember specifics, they remember the feeling they had when you held them and all the other care. They remember the love, I'm sure. If a wild animal can remember the love, I'm sure your kids will to. God bless.