Monday, June 20, 2011


So, we all hopped in the car and were on our way to McDonalds. I didn't know how to get there from their house so she had to tell me how to get there so that filled a lot of the talking time. We also talked about what there was to do in the area and things she wanted to take Sabrina to go do.

We got there and Sabrina was SO excited. I think she was just so darn excited to have kids to play with and to get out of the house (her mom doesn't have a driver's license or a car). We ordered food for everyone and the kids had already ran off to go play in the play place. Mom and I went and got a table and had the kids come eat. Once we got settled at the table Mom spent quite a bit of time texting a guy that she had met thru eharmony. Apparently that is where she is meeting guys now. She was happy to chat about guys and what she wants in a man. We also talked about Sabrina's dad who hasn't seen her since she was between 3 and 6 mo. old but is now paying child support. Mom isn't working, she calls getting her child support "getting paid" so that is her current source of income. She has been going to school to get her high school diploma (she is 24 years old) and is hoping to finish that this year. We talked about all these things and all the while Sabrina and my kids played in the play place. Every few minutes Sabrina would crawl over to this area that was right above where I was sitting. She would then stare at me until I looked at her and smiled at her, she would light up with a big smile and go crawl off to play again. She did this A LOT. It was like she was seeing a ghost, she kept checking to see if I was really there.

The kids played for a couple hours and Mom and I made conversation here and there. She told me that Sabrina looks at the 3 photo albums I made her all the time. She loves to look at all the pictures of all of us. I was just thrilled to hear that she let her have them and didn't throw them away. When I made them I only put 1 or 2 pictures in it of my husband and I and just filled them with pictures of Sabrina with my son, our other foster kids and all the kids and different people in our family along with pictures that I had of Sabrina and her mom as well in hope she wouldn't throw the books away. I am so glad I made those books.

To be continued.


Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

So glad things went well!

Debbie said...

So sweet that she kept looking for you.
I hope to make albums like that one day. What a relief for you to know she still gets to see you all in pictures any day she wants to remember the happy times.