Thursday, June 9, 2011


I may have miss spoke at some point, but Lizzy had court today. Well, court was scheduled for today at 1:30 p.m. BUT the social work, who I love so much, showed up a half hour late so the judge postponed it for two weeks.

I hate that.

Please, just get these court dates over with! It is so annoying to have the social worker be the reason it gets put off.

In other crazy news...Lizzy mom also decided today to admit herself to a mental health hospital and refused to let the social worker come out to her house to "make sure she still lives there".

Did I mention she also has 3 warrants out for her arrest? I am wondering if she is trying to avoid them by checking herself into the hospital?

So, while mom does whatever she wants, Lizzy hangs out in foster care.


Beck G. said...

Isn't that just typical of this lovely system?? The kids are the ones who keep getting screwed over.

So frustrating to have everything in limbo when it could be so easily ended.

FootPrints said...

wow. the fun never ends

Medkid said...

Eesh! A recent new reader...we call what Lizzy's mom does "malingering" aka coming for medical help for secondary gain. She could really be sick, but the good thing is that whenever we have a malingerer we discharge them out the door directly into the hands of the police they are hiding from. Tricky business, but it turns out you can't hide from the law in a psych hospital. Be well!