Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dear Tina and Baby,

Girls, I miss you. You left as suddenly as you came and it even ended up feeling like a fitting ending to your stay with us.

Baby, I miss hearing you demandingly yell "ma-ma!" every morning as soon as you opened your eyes. I miss seeing you happily stomp your feet and giggle as soon as I came to get you in the morning. I miss kissing your baby face and admiring all your new baby teeth. I am pretty sure you are one of the cutest little people ever made. You have the sweetest little personality that was paired with a fiery independence that didn't stand for anyone trying to take your toys! :)

You seemed to forget everything before me and were so happy to have a mommy who paid attention. I hope that the voice you gained here helps you to let your mama know what you need. I think that will help both of you.

Tina, my wild wild girl, I miss your big smile and your craziness. You were very sweet to everyone and they all loved you. My house is much cleaner since you left...but you know I would trade that to have you back. I am so happy you are with your brothers and I hope you are equally excited to be with all of them.

You changed me, and I think I changed you. I will be praying for you, my pretty little girls.

-Mommy (foster)


Rebecca said...


Debbie said...

Sweet sweet girls.

Kateri said...

I love your heart, Mama Foster. Enough said!!!

Heather said...

praying for your girls with you.