Saturday, June 18, 2011


Eight Months.

Eight Months is a long time to go without seeing someone that you used to spend every single day with.

The day before you should have seen what a nervous wreck I was. I never know what I am going to be walking into when it comes to her mom and grandma. At 11 pm the night before I visited trying to find this post about topics to talk to bio parents about...because Sabrina's mom is not a very good conversationalist and I wanted something to talk about that would be neutral. For the record, that post didn't help me much because I have tried all of those things before, but it put them back in my head to try again anyway. For future reference though, the topics that worked for us the day of were:

-mom's dating life
-movies that are currently in the movie theater
-things Sabrina currently likes
-places she is interested in talking Sabrina

I thought I would throw that in there in case any of you ever need ideas.

We had decided to take the kids to McDonalds because the weather wasn't looking good. That morning was rainy so it worked out perfectly.

I pulled up at 10:30 am. I knocked on the door and mom answered. She had just rolled out of bed as had Sabrina. (she later told me Sabrina had woken up at 5 am ready and excited for us to come, they then laid back down and slept until we got there). Sabrina was on the couch, wiggling around stretching and yawning. She was wearing clothes that I sent home with her...that used to fit her back when she first came to my house at 2 years old. Her pants hem was 3-4 inches off the floor. While mom ran around getting clothes for her and Sabrina, Sabrina wandered over to me and started talking about her cat and wanted to drag me around the house and show me everything. I told her to ask her mom if she could show me her room, I was trying to not over step. Mom said yes and Sabrina led me into her room, which I had seem before. This time it had a bit more stuff, but wasn't much different.

There was a pink, stained fitted sheet covering both of her windows.

There was the same white dresser that was missing a drawer.

There was a new to her gold/metal framed twin bed with an old comforter on it and 2 couch cushions she was using for pillows. In her Sabrina-ish way she rearranged her couch cushions to the way she wanted them.

There was an old toddler banana seat bike in her room with 2 flat tires.

There was the adorable baby picture of her that I love.

There was a new princess tent that was already broken.

There were her other random toys as well.

After a minute mom was dressed and she called for Sabrina so she could change her clothes. She put an outfit on her that I recognized from a picture a friend had texted to me of Sabrina. It was an outfit that mom's friend bought from Walmart for $1 on clearance for Sabrina.

She then had Sabrina put on her flip flip that I brought her last summer. They are way too small now, but it is obvious that she wears that all the time. They are one very worn out pair of shoes. I still remember buying them.

So, it was time to go. Sabrina happily hopped in the car and Kobe and her gave each other huge hugs and she made her way to her car seat. Mom hopped in the front with me and off we went.

To be continued.


StarfishMom said...

Still amazed at how God works these breath taking moments into our foster journey's. I got a story to tell YOU!!! :) Can't wait to hear more!!!

Pipsylou said...

EEEEEEEEEEK! I LOVE that you got to see her!!!!!!!! How exciting, my friend!

Denver Laura said...

I remember that post over at Fosterhood's blog. Things like that always remind me of the Sims game where two people would "talk" and things they had in common would appear as symbols. The more symbols they had in common the better they felt about each other.

Since my foster kid is 2, I usually just spend the time getting him to name everything in the room.

I'm glad you got to see Sabrina :)