Monday, June 6, 2011


Lizzy's "legal" dad had agreed to a visit (I know...very big of him) that was supposed to happen on Monday.

I decided to call her lawyer and tell him about this because he is pretty mad in general about him not coming to ANY visits in the past 3 months considering all the torture he initially put Lizzy through. He said to let him know what happened Monday and if he didn't show he was going to petition to have his visitation suspended (funny how that could be the "consequence" for not coming to your visit...suspended visitation).

So, before it was time for the visit (about 3 hours before) I called my beloved social worker. She of course did not answer. I then called her supervisor, who did not answer. She, the supervisor, did call me back to let me know he canceled.

First of all, good, I'm glad he did, but this whole situation with him is crap anyway. And second of all, beloved social worker, you are a jerk. If they cancel you need to not be dumb and call me. Seriously.

Lizzy has court this Friday. That should be interesting. Or annoyingly boring. Either one.


His Hands His Feet Today said...

You make me smile my friend!

Kelli said...

normal thought process " this person canceled so let's call the other party and tell them not to come" Social worker thought process "they will figure it out when they get here and I will pretend to be really busy and not have know about this so I appear to not be a jerk of a person. you're not foolin' anyone though.....seriously.....sigh!!

Mie said...

I had a case worker once tell me that she was too busy to call me to let me know the visits were canceled. Instead they'd just drop her off early (using a transporter). I tried my best to let her know that if she shows up 1-2 hours early to drop off the child that I may not be there - she needs to call me. Oy.