Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, the big Exodus will begin.

Lizzy is being moved on Tuesday (if all goes as planned). I found out today from her social worker that she had found a home for her. So did Lizzy's bio mom and she is not happy. She wants Lizzy to stay with me and is mad that the social worker made me mad enough to go ahead with moving her regardless of what we decide about Joseph.

At the last visit I gave them this letter:
(you can click on it to make it bigger)

That was my last straw. It has been a very long time since I put what our family needed before what the state tells us we HAVE to do concerning these kids. If you decide to foster you basically sign your life away, you have to be willing to push right back (Rebecca!) and not worry about them moving the kids because realistically they won't. I know that I worried a lot about that with Sabrina. Now, because of everything that has happened I am kinda over it. They can ask me to do anything they want, I have to learn to tell them NO if it doesn't work for me.


FootPrints said...

you did the RIGHT thing for YOUR family!

Rebecca said...

Amen, sister friend! :) I am glad that you stood firm in your decision. I know that the reason you've been so flexible is that you're truly trying to do what is best for the kids. However, as we've discussed before, the only way to last as a foster parent is to NOT let the State push you to the point of insanity. And they WILL if you don't set some limits for you and your family!!!

I am glad that they have found another suitable foster home for Lizzy and that they somewhat stayed within the timeline you requested. :)

aka. "Mimi" said...

Learning to say "no" and to stand up for yourself and your family is CRUCIAL. The best advice that I've received from seasoned foster parents has been to be as flexible as you CAN be, but as firm as you HAVE TO BE. Set boundaries and ENFORCE THEM.

Pipsylou said...


And isn't the 2 week thing LAW, by the way?

Debbie said...

Glad they found her a home. You're doing the right thing.
Will be keeping your family in prayer this week.

Kelli said...

hmmm, maybe Lizzy's mom should have thought about how her actions affect people besides HER....just sayin'. You keep pushing to do what is right for YOU and those kids!!