Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, we have started a new routine around here that is making it so that I can handle Miss Lizzy & Miss Tina. Two days a week they are going to a baby sitter's house, one day a week Lizzy has a 4-5 hour visit with her mom and 2 mornings a week I am doing a pre-school program with the girls at home.

Today was their first trip to the babysitter's house (hi babysitter if you are reading this!) and that was SOOOO nice. A day with just me and the baby...it was wonderful.

I have always been a huge advocate for being a stay at home mom if possible, but this situation has made me realize that sometimes you have to do what is best for everyone and that isn't always everyone being together all the time. That is where I am with my two crazy girls. I love them, but I can't be around them every second of everyday. I just can't.

I actually think that this is a realist solution to foster parents in this situation. My girls seemed to have a great time at the babysitter's and was happy to see me when I came to pick them up. Win win.

I have enjoyed do pre-school with them too. We go over the letters, numbers, colors, and animals. We color and do craft and play games, I think that these girls need LOTS of structure so I am being forced in to this Tina & Lizzy shaped structure, but it is working so I am just going to go with it.


Bumble Bee Momma said...

Well I'm happy for you :) I think this is a super solution! Good for you for adding some structure to the kids lives. This is just an idea I have...again keeping in mind that my experience with kids is thus far none (as far as being a parent)BUT...home depot has Disney paints and the paint swatches have just one color on them in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head...those might be fun for color flash cards...and they're free.

Debbie said...

I've heard people using those Disney paint samples as a memory game too. I'm sure Home Depot appreciates their free paint samples being used as games.

Isabel loves structure too. I try and try to keep us on a schedule but by 3 in the afternoon I'm done and it goes out the window, if it was even there to begin with.

Glad you are able to have them with a babysitter some. I know it helps, hope to get Isabel in something this fall myself.

FootPrints said...

i agree. time apart is better for everyone!! thats what i love/hate about baby J having visits...it gives me some alone time with the middle one.

Rebecca said...

So glad you were able to find a babysitter for 2 days a week! I so agree that when you have kids who are high needs, you MUST find ways to keep yourself from becoming exhausted in order to continue to care for them over the long-term. I think keeping Lizzy, but then finding help was a perfect solution!!!

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

I am so happy that you are all seeming to find what works for your family at this time. And that is what matters.....what works for your family with the children that are placed with you at this particular moment in time:)

Have a great rest of the week!

Penelope said...

Mothers Day Out is necessary to be able to recharge and fully devote yourself to little ones.