Friday, February 18, 2011


My bloggy buddy Diane wrote me a response to the private email I sent to you that asked. I asked her to post what she wrote to me about on her blog so I could link to it so that you all could read it too.

Her post is very similar in intent to what I sent all of you. We would NEVER discourage anyone from adopting, we just want to make sure everyone goes into it with "eyes wide open".

You can read her post here

And thanks Diane for sharing!

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Debbie said...

Didn't get to read your post but I have to say this is the biggest thing that concerns me. That we won't be given all the information and get in over our heads when our daughter at home is our first priority. I remember you saying they didn't appear to care about the behavior issues Lizzie had when you were considering moving her and that scares me for the kids. I know they need to find homes for these children but not at the expense of lying to the foster and adoptive parents.
But that's just my inexperience talking I'm sure.