Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well, this post just won't write its self.  I guess I am going to have to sit down and actually type something.  

I have been so exhausted.  So busy with work.  I'm happy about that though.

First I will answer some questions and then get on to my story.

"Have you heard for Sabrina's mom at all?"

No.  She is mad at me.  At the last court hearing I turned in a report listing ALL the things Sabrina came home and told me were going on at their home and even thought Sabrina's mom didn't even make it in time to be part of the hearing, when she did arrive her lawyer handed her a copy of it so now she has 5 pages worth of me tattling on her in black and white.

"What is going on with Joseph???"

Joseph is still living at his foster mom's house and has no real clue of what is going on.  The DHS worker wants to take things VERY slow so we are and will probably go visit him the first Saturday in November.  We are finally getting really antsy to get him home but are well aware it will not be until after the holidays. His birthday is in December and I am hoping to be able to see him on it.

Now.  Onto my story.

The day we went to go meet Joseph my son had a field trip.  My husband had stayed home so we could go meet Joseph and get some other errands done so he took Lizzy with him and I got to go with our son.

The class was going to a nature preserve in our area.  I drove 4 loud boys over there from the school.  They all ran in and got there seats in the front row of a room where one of the staff talks to the kids before they go on there nature walk.  My son was the first to grab his seat and he was front row center.

As the rest of the kids came in there was one boy in his class that wouldn't fit in the front because there were no more seats.  He walked to the 2nd row away from everyone and sat down all by himself with an obviously pouty expression on his face.

Do you want to know what my son did?  He hoped up out of his seat and said "Here Pat, come sit in my seat."  Pat declined.  My son said "No, really, come sit in my seat."

Pat still declined. 

I looked at the situation and grabbed a chair and put it on the end of the front row and motioned for Pat to come and sit there, which he did and then all was well in his world.

Then, I took a seat in the back row, nearly in tears.

This was only a week or so after Sabrina left.  

Obviously I have had my own struggles about Why? and even Why did you let the lawyer hand her that report?  All these questions I have for God.

But, as I sat there and watched my son opt to sit by himself so that someone else didn't have to I saw what the goodness of God really is.

It is still dripping all over my life.  In the simple ways and the huge ways.

In the ways that no one can take away.

In the spirit of my son.

The goodness of God is everywhere and I want it to show up where it counts.  And it is.


Heather said...

Glad to hear an update! Praying Sabrina's mom doesn't stay angry. Praising God for your son, he has a servants heart. Still praying for you as well.

mamamargie said...

How wonderful!

Diane said...

I'm sure you are very proud ofyour son!

As for the lawyer, unfortunately, that is our court system. Anything presented by any party is given to all parties. The court system is designed to be adversarial; it does not lend itself well to situations like our cases where you are simultaneously asking parties to get along.

Ashley said...

So sweet....he really is Mr. Wonderful! :-)

I'm anxious for you all to get Joseph home, but with all that has occurred, it continues to remind of me of God's perfect timing.

gram said...

Kobe is such a great, caring boy.
Thanks for the update on J.
I hope and pray S. is okay and I also wish we could have an update but God is handling it.

Mrs. Bird said...

Thanks for the update. Still thinking of you and praying. ((HUG))

Tammy said...

Your little boy is AMAZING! I'm a proud mama FOR YOU! I know how proud I am every time my niece and nephew do or say something completely kind and awe-inspiring. I can only imagine how proud you must be as his mom.

I think being a sibling or in a close family and growing up around foster care exposes children to situations where kindness and understanding is even MORE of a way of life than it normally is. I know that my niece and nephew understand way more than maybe they should at 5-years-old, but they have become such amazing, kind-hearted, caring, compassionate little people because of that understanding. I am SO PROUD of them, and I know you feel the same about K. :-)