Sunday, October 10, 2010


Isaiah 26:3a

 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee...

Sabrina's next hearing is this Wednesday at 2 pm.  

It could be her final hearing.  

Or it might not be.

My heart doesn't feel like it is time for her to go yet, if ever.

Every few minutes I talk to God about what His plan is.

I ask Him to show me how to accept it.

I think about everything.

I think about her staying.

I think about her going.

I am constantly crying out to God to show me what to want.

What to hope for.

And how to do this.


FootPrints said...

i totally feel for you and have NO advice. how sad am i? it completely sucks when someone you love life is in the hands of someone else.

bottom line - is god plans lives and already know what plans he has for her...we have the crappy job of possibly loving and letting go :(
post a reminder for us to pray on wednesday!

Kylee said...

I agree with the above commenter...I have absolutely no advice for you. I hate that gut wrenching fear that develops in the pit of your stomach every time it comes close to the time a child must leave. It's so, so hard and it never gets easier.

Praying specifically for your son this week. I remember being his age and crying so, so hard when babies left our home. Just because it's hard on him, doesn't mean God isn't teaching him! God will use this ministry in your son's life in so many ways...I am confident of that.

Tammy said...

I've been praying for you all. I know what a frightening time this is as these final hearings approach. I understand how hard it is at times like this to let go, and let God... But that's really all we can do. Trust that His plan is perfect, and continue to do YOUR part of simply loving "S" every second.

Paula, With all my heart said...

I know just how you feel. We are now only 2 weeks away from our sweet babies adoption but I have been exactly where you are. Sometimes at night when we were so unsure of weather he was going or staying I would sit and hold him and rock him while he slept and just pray that God would help me through whatever happened. I would cry and hold him and think how will I ever let him go.

I am praying that you end up with the happy ending we have or that God will give you the peace and understanding to accept her leaving.