Sunday, October 24, 2010


You know what I kept thinking about when I finally had a date set up for all of us to go meet Joseph?

I kept thinking "What do you wear to go meet your son for the first time?"

That is what rolled around in my head for literally weeks.

Oh, there is so much to tell-

Joseph's whole "story"

All my phone conversations with his current foster mom

What we were thinking/worried about

But, before we knew it, all four of us were in the car settled in for our 1 hour car ride to meet a little boy that we might adopt.

We pulled in to the driveway of a cute old house in the middle of a cute rural town.

We knocked on the front door and I saw Cathy, his foster mom, jump out of her seat in the living room to answer the door.

I waved.

She answered the door and I finally got to hug this wonderful mom, grandma, and foster mom that is a new found hero of mine.  If you can't tell I really like her.

As we walked in the door we saw a little room to the right of the front door.  In the tight squeezed crib lay Joseph, on his belly, stirring from his nap.  He popped his head up and Cathy scooped him up and walked the 6 steps from his little nook, across the entryway into the living room.  She "introduced" us and plopped him down in a comfy chair and the phone rang and she whisked away to take an "important call".

Joseph just sat still, sippy cup in hand, slouched in the chair with his big pretty eyes staring at us.  He didn't move.  He didn't cry.  He just looked.

It was so funny, but I just couldn't make the first move.  I wanted to go scoop him up and cuddle him so bad...but I just didn't want to scare him even more.

My husband knelt down and said hi, complimented Joseph's little shoes that hold on the braces that he was wearing because he had taken so long to start walking.  The doctor ordered them the week before he started walking and they decided to have him wear them for a while anyway - just in case.

As I watched my hubby get to know Joseph, Lizzy running around looking for stuff to touch and my son touching a few toys that were laying around I felt like I was watching my prayers get answered.

I had been praying that if we truly were supposed to adopt this little boy that my husband would fall in love with him, that there would be no reservation on his part.  I had no idea what God was going to do, how we would feel or what we would decide-and then I watched this little boy who "didn't like strangers", "who doesn't usually like men" warm up to my husband - and I watched my husband warm up to him.  

Some times miracles are obvious and other times they sneak up on you - and sometimes it is just watching two people who never should have had to meet start a relationship that should have never been possible.

Joseph is something special.

We are still in the beginning of all of this.

His parental rights have been terminated but his bio family appealed this decision.

We are in.

We will see what God decides to do.


Kateri said...

Thanks for giving us some more of the story ;) I can't wait to see how things unfold for Joseph and your family in the weeks to come. God is at work in your lives, for sure!!!!

mjprieur said...

Finally, finally, finally, - that's all I'm going to say. :)


the johnson crew said...

very cool, im praying for you all.

Kelli said...

Very cool! I'm excited for you

gram said...

So neat!!

Heather said...

This story is so beautiful so far. Definitely praying for you guys!!!

Tammy said...

SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! I'm just now getting around to looking in blog land after Little Miss' arrival and am thrilled for you guys! I know it's scary what with all of the unknowns, but this is definitely promising. :-)

Becca B. said...

Tears in my eyes, as I read I am filled with so much joy for you guys! Love from Arkansas.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Beautiful! I'm thrilled for you guys!

Praying :)

Will we see you tonight???