Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I saw this post and it made me think about what I may end up going through with Lizzy once all these visits are done and over.

When Lizzy was first force to be in the visitation room with her Legal dad (who she did not know) she would literally have to be dragged in there kicking and screaming by the social worker. One day as I watched her face turn blue as she screamed and clung to my leg I said very loudly "THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!"

Lizzy's social worker at the time then told the "higher ups" that I was being uncooperative. That was a fun meeting. I got the last laugh though when I told them everything the worker had been doing and they ended the meeting telling me "Please don't feel like you are in trouble" and "We will be addressing these matters with her."

AND better yet was the day they had a special court hearing to address this issue of her being scared and the JUDGE looked at the worker and said "This DEFINITELY should have been brought to my attention." because she had not brought up this issue at all to the court, I had through Lizzy's lawyer.

I am so glad that worker is gone. She did nothing but damage this case.

Anyway, when I read the post that I linked above it was a good reminder of what situations like this do to the kids long term.

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Carol said...

I love that lady's heart for kids. Raising kids, even bio kids, sometimes takes some bold moves and sometimes involve self sacrifice. That is all part of God's call on parents. With foster and adopted kids those same things may be even more true. These babies (no matter what age they are) are broken and hurting.

We have sometimes taken steps that others have thought were crazy, but a parent has to do what a parent has to do for the well being of their kids no matter where they come from. Hats off to this lady and may God bless her and you as you both follow God's calling on your lives to love with His love no matter what it takes.