Monday, December 19, 2011


I am going to tell you what today is NOT about.

Today is not about waiting to see if Lizzy's biological mom or legal dad are coming for a visit.

It is not about clearing my whole schedule in case they decide they want to show up.

It is not going to consist of me calling her social worker to see if she has heard from them.

It has nothing to do with them today.

It is amazing how much that changes MY life on Mondays. I can sit down to do something and not worry I will have to stop to run Lizzy to her visit. I don't have to bump up her nap time by an hour in hopes she will get a decent nap before the visit. I don't have to worry about washing her from head to toe (especially her mouth) immediately after getting out of the visitation room. I don't have to check her for fleas sometime today.

It is a wonderful feeling.


kate said...

What a wonderful Monday. Such a great way to start the week before Christmas!

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Amazing how one decision can effect our lives. Especially one in the right direction! !!

Diane said...

What a nice Christmas present!

StarfishMom said...

Like :)

Kelly said...