Thursday, December 1, 2011


There are a couple things that I keep hearing that I could do without.

1. "What? She's not yours? She looks just like you!"
(pertaining to Lizzy and I)

2. "Didn't I do your ultrasounds for her pregnancy?"
(the ultrasound tech EVERY. TIME. Lizzy is with me)

3 "Did you used to be a social worker?"
(every time I hand the new social worker a typed up timeline of Lizzy's time in care)

4. "You should do social work."
(every time a social worker gets done with their visit and I have chewed their ear off)


Teresa said...

Ugh! People are so annoying!

Sometimes it's fun to play into it though. One of our 4yr old's Drs. has commented at least 3 times that he never knew I was pregnant with our 4mo old when we were coming in over the summer. After telling him twice that all our children have been placed with us- I finlly said, "I know! I never showed at all with him and I'm already back in my pre-baby clothes!"

It's the little things that entertain me...

MamaFoster said...

lol teresa

StarfishMom said...

I would have told the u/s tech that you DID do my ultrasound for her. You said she was TWIN BOYS... :P

Stacy said...

HA! I bet u would be a great social-worker though!

Felicia said...

I had to laugh because I was thinking about posting somehting similar. Just yesterday I was told that Dimples looks just like me. I was like really? Blue eyes and super blong hair? Not me!

Jennifer said...

Do you ever get the impression that people ask that kind of stuff because they can tell that the kids are not your biological kids, but they don't want to come right out and say "are they adopted?" and so they end up saying something really stupid because they are hoping you will spill the real story???

MamaFoster said...

in my specific case, no, because Lizzy does look like she is mine and no one ever did it about my other children who I obviously did not give birth to...but I have heard other foster parents mention the same thing and in my opinion they don't look anything like their foster kids so it could be people hunting for details.

every time i have said it to someone i meant it :)

Kelli said...

tell them they can see you on the TLC show " I didn't know I was pregnant" :)