Monday, December 12, 2011


Of course, Legal dad is "coming" to this visit...unless they call me and tell me that something happened between now and 1 pm.

He is such a shady one, this legal dad wouldn't miss this know, there is court this week so that should be enough to keep this case going even though the rest of the time he doesn't want to see her...jerk.

Anyway, Carol mentioned something on the last post that is true. The GAL, or lawyer as I refer to him, is supposed to visit the child AT least one in between court dates...up until the last court date that I took Lizzy with me to, he had NEVER SEEN HER. He has been her voice in court for 15 months and has never met her. Under the circumstances, he has done an ok job communicating with me and if I was being totally honest I would tell you that the first time he ever called me he told me that he would probably not visit her because she was placed out of county. Nice.

Over all I don't want to complain about him though because out of my 7 kids he has done the best job. There is not much to compare him to...but oh well.


Carol said...

GALs are mostly another sad story in the system.It is a regular income to some (most maybe). He could meet you and her at a visit and fulfill the requirement.

You took Lizzy with you to court? Did they let her in?

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

Heck... Monkey's GAL didn't even SHOW UP for HIS 6 month hearing last month! I haven't heard a word from her since July.

Mitzy said...

We have been lucky with our foster son Primo's GAL. He visited a month after Primo was placed with us and called the week before court to see how Primo was doing and to ask if I had any concerns. Meanwhile Primo's DHS worker has never been out to the house to see him!

I wish all Gals were as proactive as Primo's, every kids deserves to be represented by someone who cares about their case. It sounds like most GALs don't care much about the children they represent.

MamaFoster said...

Carol, I was in shock, but yes, they let her sit through the entire hearing with me. I expected to have to wait out in the hall with her. It was not in a court room this time it was in more of a meeting room. Everyone sat around a table.

Tammy, what did the court think of the GAL no showing up? who is supposed to speak up for monkey?

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

They didn't say a word. Just talked to the parents and THEIR attorneys and asked Monkey's CASA if she had anything to add. Seeing has how she had never laid eyes on his parents until standing in front of the judge that day, she didn't have much. It's frustrating. Fortunately, his parents have got to be the hardest-working, most "together" that I've had so far, so I don't have any major concerns about Monkey's case. Believe me, I'd be pitching a fit otherwise.

MamaFoster said...

i am always glad too when i can be on board with the child going home. makes court less nerve racking.

Anonymous said...

I have been EXTREMELY blessed when it came to GAL's. Our daughters' GAL was amazing! She came to visit atleast once every two months, she came to all of our Family Team Meetings, and on occassion, she would show up during visitation. This woman was amazing!

Our sons GAL was also great. She didnt do nearly the amount of stuff the previous one did, but she made sure to come visit our home and called us on a regular basis.