Monday, December 12, 2011


Today is the last "visit" day before court on the 15th.

I wonder who is going to come. After last week when Dad had transportation drive an HOUR to come get him and then never showed up to get in the car and actually have his visit I wonder if the agency is going to try again for this week.

I will call around noon to find out. I don't think that mom will come, she is planning on coming to Lizzy's birthday party this Sunday so I am pretty sure she will skip out on this one too. She has come to one visit in the past three months and the last couple have been recorded as "no call no show" because she refuses to call the worker to tell her she isn't coming, she only calls me.

Court should be interesting. I have a feeling it will be pretty lame BUT I think I will still go so that I hear what is going on myself. When I call to ask about the visit today I will also ask the worker about court...I know the time and date, but will confirm that and will also ask her if she turned in the report that she was supposed to and what the status of the petition for termination is. That should be interesting.

I also guess I better put in a call to her lawyer to remind him to call me before court too....

Always a fun time!

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Carol said...

Actually, that attorney thing? The GAL is actually, according to state law, supposed to lay his/her eyes on each child during the time between court hearings. A phone call does not qualify although better than nothing. A looking at the child during a supervised visit is allowed but frowned on--especially if that is what is always done and a home visit is never made.