Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Our adoption worker....well, she isn't "on the ball" to put it mildly.
Everything is taking forever because of her and our supposedly "lost" finger prints.

Joseph has an adoption monitor who I got a call from today.  There is a meeting tomorrow at which they will be telling my adoption worker to get moving!  She has been hunting down our fingerprints all day and I had to call and track them on my end as well.

Is it nice have someone else do your work for you Ms. Adoption Worker?  I hope so, I am just glad someone is doing their job.


Our Journey said...

I know the frustration! Why can't these things be done in a timely matter? I know their laundry list of things to do is long, but I am thinking that many of these workers could benefit from a class in organizational skills :)!!!

Ginger Perry said...

My husband and I were just talking about their "long: list of things to do. I do think that many of them could learn some organizational skills, and also time management would probably be the best thing for them to work on.

I wander if the took 30 minutes out of their "talking" time, how much work they could get done. I'm not saying that all of them are like that, but I do think our worker has a talking problem! LOL

I pray that things move along for you as well as for us!

Lynn said...

Adoption seems to just take too long no matter what.

We brought our son home from the hospital when he was 48 hours old. We didn't get to stand in front of the judge until two days before his first birthday.

I blame our situation on our lawyer. His birth parents signed everything in the hospital. (They relinquished voluntarily. They had planned on simply leaving the baby at the hospital but agreed to "officially" sign away rights to make things easier for their son.) Our lawyer just seemed to drag his heels on the paperwork. And I swear, the birth parents had to sign away their rights about a dozen more times. The whole thing seemed more complicated than necessary.

I understand there are procedures in place to protect the birth parents and the children. And those things are important!!! But dragging out adoptions over years and years (keeping kids in foster care longer than they need to be) isn't right at all!

Heather said...

Ugh, how frustrating. She needs to get moving!

Anonymous said...

They need to start hiring "quality" people, who actually care! I think the whole system DFPS needs to be totally revamped.

I hope they get things going for you soon.

Rebecca said...

I don't love DFPS, and I'm not one to make excuses. HOWEVER... :) my girls' current caseworker works such long hours I don't know how she's not going crazy. She transports multiple kids on her caseload to and from visits, and they have cut back on transporters in our county. Today alone, she spent 3 hours transporting my girls (while I was at work) and supervising their visit. This is now a weekly commitment for her, so basically her Tuesday mornings are completely gone. For our last home visit, she came at 6:45 p.m. straight from another visit and did not leave our house until 7:45 p.m. and she had not had dinner at that point.

I really don't appreciate the lack of communication and help that I receive from her, but thinking through her schedule with just our family did give me a bit more compassion.

FootPrints said...

Slacking is NOT acceptable! dont take it. time is precious!

mamamargie said...

We have had both extremes. Some of our workers have worked soooo hard and soooo well that I wondered if they ever left their office at all. And with others I wondered if they ever did anything. Our last adoption was delayed by ONE YEAR, because none of the paperwork had been done by the time parental rights were terminated (which in our case was a two-year process). That worker was rightfully terminated. I do hope yours doesn't take so long!