Tuesday, November 1, 2011


You know what is nice?

Lizzy had no idea what went on yesterday. To her, she had a normal drama free Halloween.

That is probably the biggest part of our jobs as foster parents, to shoulder the drama that is her life so she doesn't have to.

It isn't always easy, and we get hurt in the process, but I promise-for every time we get hurt because we stand in the way of someone else hurting these kids they do hurt at least a little less. And that is worth it.

(Lizzy's dark curls just screamed "I am snow white!" so that is what she was. She liked it too. After I bought it I remembered that I was snow white one year for Halloween when I was little and that brought a smile to my face as I saw my 2nd foster daughter running from house to house in her Snow White outfit.)

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Mama P said...

Snow White is my favorite! Her curls are sooo sweet.