Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Lizzy's mom showed up for her visit! Lizzy was excited to go see *insert mom's real name here* because a few moths ago Lizzy decided that she was going to call me "Mommy" and her bio mom by her real first name. I found this hilarious, but have not encouraged it at all...but it stuck.

You could tell Lizzy could not figure out why "this lady" was referring to herself as Mommy because Lizzy kept telling her that I am "Mommy". It is cute in our home, but face to face with their bio parent it is a little horrifying. I don't like watching her innocent two year old self bludgeoning knives into her bio mom's heart. (She has been gone for months, it is understandable on Lizzy's part)

As far as Lizzy was concerned, she had a great visit with *insert mom's name here* and was so excited when I came back to get her. Ran into my arms giggling and excited.

As far as I am concerned, even though I did not act annoyed at all, the visit was a little...rough. First of all, as usual, Mom cut it short by half an hour. She only has 2 hours with her, but she only did 1 1/2. Also, mom literally sat in the waiting room with me and told me that she has quit taking most of her medications and has decided that smoking pot is what helps her the most. She only smokes it in the morning if she knows she has a visit with Lizzy so she isn't out of it when she gets here, but it calms her down enough to deal with the social workers. She said if they try to drug screen her she just is going to say no because they have already decided to take her child away so there is no point in complying with anything else from now on.

And yes, that is pretty much word for word.

After the visit she had her ride park across the street from the agency because "the agency would not approve of who was picking her up". I gave her a ride from the agency parking lot to the other parking lot where her ride was waiting-across the street and a couple doors up.

Why you ask? Because she is the mother of my child, no matter what.


Debbie said...

She should move to CA where she can carry a medical marijuana card.

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

She doesn't care if the agency knows that she smokes pot, but doesn't want them to see who's picking her up? It's always eye-opening to get a glimpse into what some of these parents are thinking, huh?

I'm glad Lizzy enjoyed the visit though. It's good that she makes and has some GOOD memories with her birth mom.

CherubMamma said...

Wow. I'm trying to think of an up-side here. Um...maybe that Mom's not going to contest termination???? Maybe that the visit wasn't traumatizing to Lizzy?

I don't blame you for continuing to help Mom. When all is said and done you are doing the right thing.

Diane said...

Good job!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

You are modeling Christ-like love to her my friend :)

CandCFamily said...

There is so much I could say, but at least on the upside will make termination easier. Glad you can take the higher road.

Anonymous said...

Wow...cant believe that you would give her a ride though. When you know she could be hot for marijuana. NEED TO SET BOUNDARIES.