Monday, November 7, 2011


Today is another Monday, you just never know what it will bring!!!

Today it brought Lizzy's legal dad canceling his visit (yay!) and her mom calling the agency to get transportation 2 hours before the visit.

I talked to her twice last week and both times asked her to call and make arrangement with them so she could come. Of course she couldn't, she was too worried about what was going on in her own asking me to pick her up and drive her an hour from my house to pick up her government issued SSI check that she gets once a month. She said she needed it because she had just started her period and needed "stuff". I told her that I couldn't take her when she wanted to go because I was in charge of my son's class party during that time. I said I could drop off some "stuff" at her house for her...then she changed her story about why she needed the money.

I know she is back on drugs. It is hard listening to the lies and excuses.


Bobbie said...

at least you didn't need to torture her today!!

Kelli said...

well that sucks. Some people just never grow up and become responsible for themselves. And then we (the taxpayers) get to support them. Wishing you a wonderful Monday of not visiting crazies :) and when you are getting free stuff at Kroger, think of me and smile :)

Mama P said...

Stupid drugs. Stupid, stupid, stupid drugs.