Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Visits.

So, obviously this week is Thanksgiving.

Lizzy's visits are scheduled for Monday and the agency has gotten to the point where they aren't very interested in rescheduling any of the visits that the parents cancel because they never come to the rescheduled visits either.

Well, this Monday was no exception. Legal Dad cancelled and Mom (who sounded like she was high when I talked to her) cancelled as well.

Lizzy isn't the wiser...but, it is a holiday...normal people want to see their kids around the holidays, you would think they would want to, but no.


Elle said...

Our predictament is the opposite. "My" kids' mom just became available to reach. Nobody has been able to get ahold of her for 3 months and now because it is getting close to the holidays and one of the kids' birthdays she has come out of hiding. We will see if she shows up for her visit today.

Carol said...

Have you noticed that these people are NOT normal(except for a few who have just happened on bad times and need help getting over a hump). They never formed normal bonds. They probably didn't have normal bonds in their childhood or in the case of drugs, their minds are messed up.

One agency around here requires bios to call in on the day of a visit to say that they will be coming to it. No call no visit. They are also responsible for their own transportation. Being able to get around is part of being able to get kids back.

Sad for the little ones, but at least they don't know the difference. Even sadder for the bigger ones who feel it as rejection.

We know of a boy who he and his younger 2 sibs were put in foster care when he was about 7. When he found out that his parents would have to be drug tested in order for there to be a visit, he said that he would never see them again. He was right. NEVER - not even once. He knew that drugs were more important than he and his brothers.

Debbie said...

Incredibly sad for Lizzy but I'm so glad she doesn't know any better.
Does remind me to be even more grateful for the situation we're in right now.

Diane said...

Took me a few years and a few cases, but many of these parents don't attribute anything special to the holidays. Sometimes Christmas is important, if they can come up with a gift, but most of the other holidays don't mean much. It's sad because they probably never celebrated them with any fond memories as children. I have found it incredible how many times a parent goes past even a child's birthday without any special recognition!

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

I'll never understand not making visits.....