Monday, November 28, 2011


So, last week was the 4th week in a row legal dad had transportation set up thru my agency and canceled on them the day of the visit.

I forgot that if he did that 3 times in a row they were supposed to remove him from the transportation list and he would no longer have that available to him.

Today he wanted to come and I guess they said that he could come of course, but he would have to find his own ride. He obviously is not coming. I will be interested to see what they do with this. As much as I would like these visits to be over I also want the court to see that he has been offered EVERYTHING and still has done I will probably be talking to the worker about that and will see if they want to give him another chance so that in court they can say they did. Ironic that I would be the one asking them to do that.

Also, mom texted me this morning and said "See if I can't do the visit on Friday. I have to work the 3rd shift tonight and I worked it last night and need to sleep"

I told her she needed to call the worker, which she didn't. I called the worker and she called mom and when mom gave her the same excuse she asked her who her new employer was (mom has never worked the entire time I have known her)...she was "unable to tell the worker who her employer was". The social worker canceled the visit and said they would not be rescheduling it this week.

I was actually glad that they cancelled because I am watching a 10 month old baby today. I work with several different companies and at one of them I met the mom of this baby. Mom is around 8 months pregnant, has 10 mo. old twin girls, and a nine year old son-along with an abusive husband and is now living in "The most dangerous city in the US" with her kids in a basement apt. of a funeral home that has been broken into 4 times within the past 6 months. She is supposed to be on bed rest because her baby that she is pregnant with has a hole in his heart and will need surgery as soon as he comes out. She needed to go pick up the twin's formula for the month and get her cell phone fixed so she called and asked me to help. I took one of the twins home with me for the day so she will only have one to run around with today. I called to ask her a question and she was standing in line for "Toy to Tots" to sign her kids up for Christmas.

Foster care sucks, but sometimes you realize that we really don't have much to complain about- even when dealing with these horrible messes these kids come with.


Carol said...

Have you ever heard of "Safe Families for children"? They are a network of families that provide a safe home while their family gets things together to provide a safe environment themselves in which to raise their own kids. This is not foster care. This is voluntary in every way. The safe family receives no stipend for the child's/children's care. The care is at the safe family's expense. Safe Families work directly with the bio family.

I know that in our state there is only one agency listed as providing information, but that agency is an interstate/international agency. We have worked some with that agency in foster care and they cover a lot of territory.

In a case like the lady you are helping today, as I understand it, Safe Families would offer the mother support to find suitable safe housing and resources to put her family back together and her kids could be placed in a safe family home for as long as she needs that help.

It is wonderful that you are providing support for this struggling mom.

StarfishMom said...

WoW o.O

Still don't get WHY bio mom has you phone number!!! That would drive me NUTS!!!

Diane said...

When are they supposed to file the petition to terminate rights? I can't believe this continues to drag on. Hopefully it will be soon.

FootPrints said...

right about now i think foster care sucks too...:(

Carol said...

Here is a link to a CBS news video about "Safe Families for Children". Note that it was presented a 1/2 yrs ago so statistics are way short.

MamaFoster said...

thank you carol, i know this mom would literally die before being separated from her kids...but this info could become useful for either her or someone else. thank you for posting it!