Friday, November 11, 2011


Well, for now, Lizzy's case has gotten very boring. I guess we are waiting to hear back from the county attorney about the petition for termination. I also am waiting to hear that her new worker is out of training so I can request a meeting with everyone at our agency. I am currently taking notes about every visit, even down to the social worker asking Dad if he is happy with the therapy he is receiving because that is something he complained about in court last time.

I am going to take the report from the last hearing and my notes to this meeting and DEMAND that our agency:

1. Turns in a report to the court BY THE TIME IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE TURNED IN along with getting it to all the attorneys that are supposed to get it BEFORE the hearing as well.

2. That they also have an up date on the Petition for Termination - including the date the sent it in, ect.

I am so over this. If they won't do their job I am going to DEMAND that they do. I also am going to go over with them everything I have seen go on in this case that has made them look very bad in court. Very very bad.

I obviously worry that by "attacking" them they will get an attitude with me, but I also worry that everyone over them is finally going to be OVER it and move this kid to another foster home. Obviously if that happens we will know that we were not supposed to adopt her and will live, but it just doesn't seem right at this point and if I can avoid it I will.


CherubMamma said...

I'm feeling your pain.

I had never heard a professional chastise another professional the way the judge chewed out the CPS lawyer this past Monday when we were at court. He made them look soooooo bad because they hadn't double checked all the aspects of the relative care they were proposing for my Dolly and Dude. I was thankful that he wasn't yelling. His hateful words flew over the kids' heads (who were required to sit in the court hearing while all of this was going on). But he was mad at CPS for not doing their job!!

It's a rough position we have. I don't blame you for getting involved in the middle of things. Of course it's quite unfortunate that you have to do this - but advocating for Lizzy is the right thing to do. Hopefully they won't see it as an attack.

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

I never thought I'd hear you use the terms "boring" and "Lizzy's case" in the same sentence!

I agree that they way they have handled her case has been ridiculous, and not at all in her favor. You guys are doing the very best you can for her, and that is all you CAN do.

I would definitely look for a new agency when all of this is said and done. I know that changing agencies was the best thing I ever did.

Thinking of you guys, and praying for Lizzy every day.

Carol said...

CherubMama, kids in court? Really? Our state does not allow kids in their hearings. I have been in the courtroom when a teen was there and she was only allowed to actually stay in the room until testimony was heard and then she was politely and with care, asked to leave the room and told that her worker would share with her what was going on as soon as possible.

This one really blows my mind. These kids have already been through so much and to have to sit in court and listen to damaging evidence against their parents, their family laundry aired publicly is just plain WRONG and I am sorry to hear this ever happens.

Carol said...

Mama Foster, I will be watching with keen interest to see how this all plays out. We have never had any updates on termination progress during the 3 months between hearings. Do you have contact with Lizzy's GAL? They don't all do their job, but if you do happen to be lucky enough to have a decent one, they could be quite helpful both with info and pushing her case. That is actually their job--to look out for the well being of the kids in their case load.

Do I remember that Lizzy also has a DHS worker?

Even the broken system would not move a kid because their foster mom is advocating for them. Advocating is part of your job.

Praying for you guys.

MamaFoster said...

yes, she has a DHS worker that I saw at the last hearing. the dhs worker is somewhat new to the case as well :/

Mrs. Bird said...

We did this. It didn't work out well for us....good luck. It is hard to advocate for what is RIGHT for these kids. That should be THEIR job, but somehow it isnt'. And those who do, are pushed out by the system...

CherubMamma said...

@Carol -- I live in Texas. From everything I've been told (double checked by internet searches myself) all children four and older are required to be at every single court hearing. The judges where I live go ahead and make ALL children, regardless of age, attend. If kids have been placed out of state with relatives they fly the children back for court hearings.

Granted, I haven't always been allowed (or required) to be in the actual court room. But we have to be there. Several times I've been stuck sitting out in the waiting room during the actual court hearing. From my experience, it's the only time the lawyers have any contact with the kids.

It makes me so mad. I don't think kids should be anywhere near the drama of court. (Except maybe a teenager that WANTED to be there.) For the little ones it just adds stress upon stress. I have yet to see a positive in any of it!!