Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I don't know if I can do this story justice by I will try.

Have you ever seen an adult wearing a sweatshirt or t-shirt with a picture of a person who passed away? Ok, picture this:

Lizzy's mom wears a sweatshirt like this all the time (even to court) that has a picture of her Uncle on it who passed away. She has two of them, she jut got a new one done with a younger picture of him on it. Anyway, she told me that she has to buy her mom one and that I should get Lizzy one for Christmas. She told me where to get one and that she "needs" one.

You just never know what they will come up with and what they will try to get YOU to do. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face sometimes? This right before she told me about her smoking pot to self medicate herself.

Yeah. I am not sure that is going to make Lizzy's Christmas list...at least my list for her. Can you imagine a 2 year old with this on? At least if it wasn't their parent or someone they at least knew???

Yeah. Good times. Anyway, speaking of gifts, are any of you planning what you are getting your foster child's parent(s) or IF you are getting them anything for Christmas?

Last year I got Lizzy's parents a Christmas ornament with her picture on it. I did the same for Sabrina's mom and Grandma. I am not gonna lie, I wanted to get them something they wouldn't throw away and I figured if their kid's face was on it they wouldn't throw it away.

Well, I came across this etsy shop that has Custom Photo Blocks that would be perfect for a bio parent (or anyone else you are looking for a cute gift for!)

Also, I just got a discount code especially for you guys! use 15OFFMF to get 15% off your order!

With photo gifts starting around $10 I thought it was a neat idea. She also has lots of homemade wonderfulness that is worth taking a look at as well! (also, if you want it in time for Christmas you need to place your order by the end of November) Anyway, just thought I would share this idea with you :)


Kelly said...

No suggestion on a gift because we have no contact with our kids' bios. But the photo block is neat.

Never seen a t-shirt like that. I have seen people put decals on their car windows but never a t-shirt. Weird. IMHO I would die if I ever say a two year old in such a thing.

CherubMamma said...

Hmmm...I hadn't even thought about gifts for the bio parents.

I probably won't do anything for Dude & Dolly's mom. Shoot -- she didn't even acknowledge Dolly's birthday! (And Dolly is her very, very, very obvious favorite of the two.)

As for Pumpkin's mom, I'll have to think about it. I did give her something for Mother's Day. Maybe I'll do another photo or something.

Karen said...

http://pinterest.com/pin/205702110/ I think that we're going to make this handprint snowman ornament for Piglet's bio mom. Did she say anything about your pregnancy?

Denver Laura said...

Crap I didn't even think about presents for bio family! Last year our girls were Muslim so it was quite a bit different.

Around here, people put the memorials on the rear window of their car.

Next thing you know, Lizzy's mom will say that Lizzy /needs/ a tattoo of this uncle she's never met.

Tammy said...

One year I got the white small tiles from Home Depot and had them put a hand print with craft paint, wrote the date and childs name then sprayed it with a sealing spray. I have one for all of my kids hanging up. Another idea is a small canvas, you can use a 40% coupon at Michaels, and a hand print with craft paint.

Teresa said...

We always do handprints as well. Last year we had siblings and I did one reindeer (foot for face,hands for antlers)and one Christmas tree (several handprints in a triangle and a foot trunk). The kids LOVE doing it, it's so inexpensive, and we keep one for us as well.

Diane said...

I routinely do a 5x7 portrait in a frame from the dollar store. W*lmart or Se@rs usually has a $7.99 portrait package that gives you ~32 portraits. Win win.

Pipsylou said...

Great! Do you get a referral bonus? I have a friend who had a stillborn son and the anniversary is next week. I want to do this, but only if you get a referral kickback!

the johnson crew said...

that is really funny, one of our bio mom's has all her deceased relatives' names tattooed all over her arms and neck.

Great gift ideas. :)

Debbie said...

Love the block idea. Might do that for the grandparents.

I just gave the girls Grandma some ornaments that I had their hand prints turned in to snowmen. Then M told me that Grandma doesn't have a Christmas tree.