Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, legal dad canceled his visit for today (YEA!!!!) I was hoping he would but I thought since he had shown up for the last one he would show for this one. To answer a question I got, there is little to no possibility that she would be placed with legal him and as far as him actually wanting her...I think if she had been nice to him from the beginning maybe he would have wanted her, but since she has disliked him from day one I don't think he really wants her. He just likes power and having legal rights to her so that he can stick it to her mom and her bio dad.

Also, mom was supposed to have a visit today and she canceled as well. BUT as usual she called me to cancel instead of the worker and the worker was not thrilled about that. I am thankful she wasn't upset with me, but she is getting really annoyed with mom. Mom wanted to reschedule for Friday, but the worker said no based on her canceling at the last moment. Mom, I am sure, will be really mad that she didn't get her way and I am sure I will get a phone call about that. Also, because her and bio dad broke up the worker said bio dad is not allowed in the visits anymore and Mom keeps trying to press the issue, but this worker isn't having it.

Have I mentioned I think I like this girl? She said she is documenting all of this and court should be very interesting.

Oh, and remember how I mentioned that some "cousin" had come out of the woodwork trying to get Lizzy? Well, I questioned her about that again and it turns out that the person is a relative of a different foster child at our agency and the old case worker had put her notes about him on Lizzy's file - the wrong child's file. So, no relative is actively trying to get Lizzy. Isn't that nice to know that they are so careful to get the right info on the right child's file?

Lizzy's great aunt that had her before I did called me. She is alway trying at make up some crazy way of getting Lizzy adopted by some family member. Usually she focuses on someone that is related to the family by marriage named Lucy. When this great aunt had Lizzy Lucy would babysit Lizzy all the time. Lucy can't have kids and has wanted Lizzy ever since Lizzy's mom was pregnant with her. The family tried to get Mom to sign the baby over to Lucy when she was first born, but I am sure mom kept Lizzy because of bio dad. About 6 months ago I called Lucy and chatted with her. She does not like Lizzy's bio mom and dad and is very open about the fact that she would NOT let Lizzy see them ever again if she get Lizzy. My favorite part was hearing the great aunt say "Well, she could tell mom that she could see her and then just not let her see her." Isn't that nice? Great Aunt also said that I could just adopt Lizzy and then give her to Lucy. You know, because that is how this all works. *sign* Obviously I will NOT be doing that.

So, anyway, I am just happy legal dad canceled :)


StarfishMom said...

I can't understand how these kids are NO ONE'S priority but OURS!!! What gets me even more is that if you are vocal about how attached you are to the kids the worker REMINDS you that 'you are a foster parent FIRST'. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

MamaFoster said...

yes, those are always fun conversations. AND better yet, they are annoyed if you don't want to adopt them when it is time for them to be adopted.

They want you to keep yourself detached until they want you to attach. Fun system they have.

mamamargie said...

Those are some of the reasons I left foster care, but thanks to your blog, I have actually, yes, actually begun to entertain the thought of doing it again. Only I'd have to quit my job. I couldn't do both!

Anonymous said...

Look at that smile!

(I like that worker, too.)

How are there so many dysfunctional people in one little girl's life?