Thursday, August 25, 2011


So far I have not heard anything about the 3 mo. old baby that I lost my mind and said yes to yesterday. I told them that I would prefer for them to be able to place the kids together so only to call me if they had no where else for the baby to go.

Just because I haven't heard anything doesn't mean I am not going to get him, it just means that they are either still figuring stuff out or that they were able to place the kids together or that another agency placed them before ours did.

Kelly mentioned in the comments yesterday that I get lots of phone calls...well, as much as I would like to think it IS because they think we are a good home I am finding that it is probably mostly based on the fact that I don't care what color the kids are. When they called me for older kids (that I never take) they are mostly for white kids, but all but one of my little kids have been a different race than our family is. My favorite is when they call me and tell me that these multi racial children "identify as white". That is all fine if someone wants to lable them as that, but when you SEE the kids and see that they do not LOOK like they are white...well, I just laugh because I think they are gorgeous just the way they are. That is probably why I get all these phone calls.


ashley said...

Interesting thought about the race... when I got my three girls the original call said, "Three Caucasian girls." The follow up call said, "They're actually that ok?"

MamaFoster said...

that stuff always makes me laugh, your girls are beautiful.