Saturday, August 27, 2011


Lizzy's next hearing could be quite interesting. I think it is some time towards the middle of September, I will have to look up when exactly.

Per the case worker I deal with she is "going to ask to change the goal from reunification to termination" and also is going to try to get legal dad's visit cancelled. He asked her at the last visit if he could have longer visits and she told him "I am not going to lengthen someone's visits who only shows up half the time." and that was being generous because he hasn't shown up half the time.

It makes me pretty upset that if the last caseworker would have done her job and reported him from not doing anything he was supposed to do AND not showing up to a visit in 5 months these visits would already be cancelled, but instead they have to torture Lizzy just a little bit more and inconvenience me just a little bit more to make sure that they do EVERYTHING in their power to get him there so when they do try to terminate his rights the judge will do it. At the end of the day as long as his rights are terminated I guess I will just have to be happy that it is over.

Oh how I wish people would do their jobs like we are expected to do.

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Mrs. Bird said...

I totally get this. So frustrating! They are trying such things in our case right now, and at whose cost? The boys of course. Prayers for Lizzy that it's over...soon.