Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ok, I am willing to bet money that I will be the one picking up the 2 new little people that I said WERE NOT coming back to my house after their visit with their mom tomorrow.

I talked to the worker today and she said she wasn't able to find a home for them, she may have found a home for the girl, but not the boy and they had already put in a call to DHS to get approval to split the kids up. I hate that they are going to do that. I have a feeling if the agency would let this case go to a different agency would be able to place them together...but then my agency wouldn't get the money for them. I hate that.

Besides, them finding a home for the girl doesn't do any good anyway, she could stay here if they asked me (again) I would probably say yes. It is the boy that just can't be here and I was hoping that they would keep them together and told them that that was why I was requesting that both be moved.


I will be so glad when this 14 days is over...because then I can throw their own policy in their face when I tell them that they aren't coming back here at all. I feel so bad for these kids.

I also got a call from our "early on" program through our state who was already involved with the kids. I told them what was going on and they told me about some aggressive behavior that they had experience with the boy and even observed the girl treating her grandma (who they were with before foster care) badly.

Isn't that wonderful. I guess who ever gets the kids next will be more informed than I was.

This situation has taught me so much, it is just plain scary to me that this agency (all agencies?) is not as worried about keeping a child safe as they are about keeping the kids in the home so the agency can keep the case. Can you imagine if he was being just slightly worse and he has doing this to a child smaller than Lizzy? I would bet you anything that they would act the same as they are now.

La Mama Loca, which bio parent are you talking about? Lizzy's or the new kids'?

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La Mama Loca said...

Sorry....Lizzy's! We never dealt with your situation! Pray they find a new home soon!