Wednesday, August 17, 2011


They are back.

I picked them up at 4 5:30 pm he had already tried to bite Lizzy again.

Fun times.

I put in my written notice on the I have until the 29th I guess.

They said they "might" have a home for them and they will know early next week. The kids also have court next Friday, but I have a feeling they aren't going home...poor kids.

So, I actually drop them off at mom's house on the I really be able to tell them I am not picking them up-follow your own policy!!!


Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

I guess all you can do is keep between him and Lizzy until the 29th. Praying they find another solution before then though. It just FLOORS ME that they can see the bruises, scratches, and bite marks on her and they don't care! The same agency who told you a year ago to move things out of her way so she wouldn't get bruises. Ridiculousness! (But you know my issues with Monkey's caseworker right now, so I'm having an anti-CPS week).

Debbie said...

Oh no! Hoping the 29th gets here very quickly for Lizzy.