Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I knew.

To answer this question, he literally seeks only her out to attack. I can't guarantee it will always be that way, but so far he hasn't tried it at all with anyone else.

Also, yes, them making me take him back would be completely unacceptable....that doesn't mean that they won't. They already called me yesterday, 4 hours after I told them what was going on, to tell me that they called 6 homes and everyone so far had said no to taking the kids and that they "needed to remind me" that there is a 14 day notice policy that they are trying to use to make me take the kids for at least the next 14 days IF they cannot find another home.

I told them that I have no plans to pick him up and bring him back here. I also told them if they needed me to take care of the sister for the 14 days and put him in respite care for those days that would be fine, but that is about all we are willing to do.

After talking with my husband last night we do feel like IF they try to strong arm us we are capable of taking care of him for the 14 days just to appease these jerks who are pushing us to have a child in our home that is hurting another child in our home. I am pretty confident that I could keep him from hurting her, but it won't be fun for him to not be able to play around the house with the other kids. Plus, we would never put him in a nursery setting again at church or anywhere else where he wasn't literally right next to us.

I knew they would do this though. I knew if they couldn't find a home they would try to make us keep him even after telling us if it didn't work out they would move him. The best part is that if THEY were upset about him biting her and wanted to move him OR her they would not give a crap about what I thought about it or wanted they would just do it. That part really bothers me.


Maggie said...

Oh goodness. We've experienced that - the pressure to keep a child that you know isn't working in your home. Praying for you all.

Carol said...

We are in the middle of one of those experiences too--pressure to keep a child that hasn't worked out in our home and we have been at it for 19 months. Stinks!!!