Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch up.

I haven't been very good about taking pictures lately. Actually, since Tina and the baby left I have barely taking any pictures. Looking back I think it is a depression thing that I go through when kids I love have to leave. I went through it when Sabrina left too. I don't even have one good shot of the last two that were here. Since I never attached to them I don't even feel like I could call them my foster kids. It was definitely more of a babysitting situation.

Anyway, I actually do have a few things to catch up on here, but I thought I would share just one of them today. Lizzy's legal dad, that she has never liked and who is still a stranger to her, has come to a few visits-3 to be specific. He is talking to Lizzy's mom now that she and Lizzy's bio dad broke up and so now he is back to torturing Lizzy one hour a week, when he shows up. Our agency has someone drive to a gas station by his house and he meets them there and they drive him to the agency and back to his house. The first time he came it was because the social worker threatened to terminate his rights at the next hearing. Then he missed two more visits and she called him and told him that if he was to miss a 3rd they would not come pick him up anymore, so he came. That is the visit that I want to talk about.

Lizzy has decided that she likes her new social worker (I like her way more than her last one!) and she likes the therapist that is now in the room with legal dad during these visits as well. So, what usually happens is legal dad walks in the building, Lizzy starts crying as soon as she seems him and the social worker will ask Lizzy if she wants to play with HER and Lizzy says yes and goes in with the social worker and dad follows them in.

Well, after this visit I had Lizzy at home with me and I am brushing her hair and I find TWO FLEAS ON HER HEAD. I was so annoyed. I saw one and dug it out and then searched her head and found the 2nd one which was very small and dug that out as well. After I was pretty sure I got them all out I called the social worker and left her a message that said, "I just found two fleas on Lizzy. I am well aware of how dirty that man is and the toys are that he brings for her to play with. I am sure that she got the fleas from him which also means you were exposed to them in that room along with the lady that I had to drive him here, good luck with that." and I hung up.

For the next 3 days I checked her head entirely every morning and she has not had any since. At the next visit he had (which he showed up a half hour late to meet the transporter for) I asked the social worker if she had gotten my message. She said yes. She is such a trip. She called him up and confronted him and he admitted to the flea problem and she of course told him that he needed to take care of it (you know, because we all know that that means it will be taken care of). Good times.

So, that was my fun new adventure in foster land. Makes me want to scream.


Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

After hearing my friend's story about her latest experience and the call to get her and the kids checked out at the doctor, my new foster care motto is: "At least it wasn't SCABIES!" :-) I guess we've got to have a sense of humor about this stuff, or we'd go nuts. I'm glad to hear Lizzy at least enjoys spending time with the new social worker and therapist. I just hope they don't misinterpret that as enjoying spending time with legal dad. Repeat after me... "At least it wasn't SCABIES!" ;-)

Kelly said...

"At least it wasn't head lice" LOL

Ridiculous what children (and foster parents) must go through to protect the parent's rights. UGH

Makes me angry to even think and type that. I won't climb on my soap box about this because I know I would be preaching to the choir here.

Carol said...

The state has after 19 months taken our ongoing problem case out of the hands of DHS and placed it with another agency DHS has nothing to say about the case any longer. Night and Day difference. This agency would NOT put up with that dad. The first week new agency picked up the kids for a visit, they were shocked that we hd been supplying a diaper bag for unsupervised visits. They said no more. Parents are to be responsible for everything during a visit.

MamaFoster said...

glad to hear that carol, what a ridiculous amount of time to be dealing with that. I mentioned what I had been going through with the mom of my last two kids to my agencies social worker, the dhs worker and the new foster mom and they all just acted as if it didn't matter either way and the new foster mom was practically fine with it...better her than me!

StarfishMom said...

Make sure you call Lizzy's lawyer and tell him. THis needs to come out in court!!! :)

J said...


Some parts of becoming a foster mama make me so happy...

Other parts (ie fleas, lice and scabies to name a few) make me SO angry at the parents of these children!