Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have seen a few questions here and there in my comments that I haven't addressed yet because I wanted to address them in a post because that seemed to me to make sense.

Since I am going to do that soon, if you have any questions for me now is the time!

Ask away and I will answer how I always do, way too honestly :)


Kelli said...

Just wondering if dad seemed like a decent guy? You can sense these things about people :) Any chance of dad getting them since they are divored, or does he even want them?

Any I always get confused about lizzy. Her bio dad is the one she likes but has no rights correct? and the legal dad is a druggie? and do both "dads" have visitation?

StarfishMom said...

When are you coming to visit?!?!?! :)

We NEEED a Moms Night Out!