Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I hate to be mean.

Or judgmental.

But some people are just jerks.

One such person is Lizzy's social worker.

She is unfriendly, then pretends to be friendly, then tries to sucker you into doing her job for her, or ignores a $150 bill that a doctor has over you for a physical that was done LAST JUNE that you have turned into her 3 times so far...she is something else.

Today I finally called to set up respite care for all my little girls. I had already spoken with the 2 sisters' social worker and just needed to officially tell her the dates. She actually is a supervisor at our agency who took over the case after their worker left 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, I called Lizzy's social worker who I wish would leave and told her I would need someone to care for Lizzy the week we will be gone. She then tells me that actually it is my job to find someone to watch her (??????!?!?!??!?!??!?!) which makes no sense because this agency does nothing to actually have you get to know the other foster parents at the agency and I told her that no, it was NOT my job to find someone. I do not have anyone that I even feel comfortable leaving Lizzy with because she is a pain in the butt and who would want to deal with her crazy visitation schedule? It is just too much to ask anyone else to do. I told her SHE needed to find someone because the tickets have been bought and nothing was going to be changing. She said she would "do her best". Well, you better lady or you better plan on watching her for 7 days.

After that I called the other girls' worker to tell her the dates. She never said a WORD about me "finding my own baby sitter" and just said she would take care of it. Because she is a supervisor at the agency I asked her about what Lizzy worker said to me. I said, "Is that a normal response to someone looking for respite care at this agency?" She said, "I think she just meant you could find your own baby sitter if you wanted to." And I told her, no that is NOT what she said to me. I could tell she didn't know what to say and was surprised that Lizzy's worker did that.

Oh, do you want to hear another "fun fact" about this agency? If I did want to find my own baby sitter I could have ANYONE watch the girls that I wanted to. No back ground check, no CPR class (did I ever tell you even us foster parents didn't have to take the CPR class to be licensed?), no paper work, nothing. I can leave them with WHO EVER I want.

Isn't that nice?


jendoop said...

That's crazy all the way 'round!

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

It seems like this agency just gets crazier and crazier?!?!? Nothing they do makes sense at all!

Anonymous said...

What a crock of crap!!! That's BS.

Heather said...

I enjoy kicking people, just wanted to make sure you know that. Also in Utah we can request a different caseworker of our kids. In fact there is a caseworker I WILL NEVER EVER EVER work with in this state.

Diane said...

Sounds like your agency needs to be audited by the state to which they contract. My bet is they aren't upholding their end of the agreement they signed up to in order to take responsibility for the foster kids. Maybe (in your spare time of course) you could look into the state agency that authorizes the private licensing agencies such as the one you work with.

Debbie said...

WOW! I hope the supervisor checks in to her and does something about her stupidity. That's amazing that you don't have to have someone certified watch the girls.

FootPrints said...

lizzy's worker needs a smack down!

Pipsylou said...


You need a vacation.


Today I am SO over all of this.

Felicia said...

Sounds about right.....respite care can be a real pain. Seems like every time I send nice clothing it comes back stained (if it comes back at all) then if I send older clothing I get accused of neglecting the kid. Sigh.....

Penelope {Foster2Forever} said...

Make sure you send your request in writing in an email and copy the supervisor. Cover yourself.